How Does Todd Lubar Support His Clients?

Todd Lubar is one of the finest businessmen in all of Baltimore, and he is growing a large customer base on the strength of his business skills. There are quite a few people who are trusting Todd with their investments, and they believe that their finances are in better hands with his guidance. This article explains how Todd helps his clients get the best results from each new investment choice. Do a quick Google search to learn more.

#1: Investing With Confidence

People who work with Todd Lubar will invest with confidence because they are given the finest information in the industry. These people may make choices that are much better for their finances, and they may ask Todd for advice at any time. He will give them information that makes them more money, and he will help them ensure that they are making the most money possible on each new investment.

#2: Todd Has Worked In Baltimore For Years

Todd is a strong proponent of Baltimore and its business community. He knows that he is capable of helping quite a few people who are in need of better investment service, and he will add clients to his rolls every day who need further assistance. He prefers to show clients how to make wise decisions, and he helps create independent clients who know what they are doing.

#3: Clients Need Extra Service

Todd is willing to go far for his clients because he knows they need someone in their corner. The client who is learning how to invest from Todd will find it quite helpful to have him on their side. He will teach his clients quite a few things about business, and they will feel better about making their own decisions in the future.

Everyone who invests with Todd Lubar will be in a good position to make more money on their investments. They will find that it is quite simple to ensure that they are saving money on all their investments, and they will enjoy making money because of the care and. attention that Todd has given them. He will help everyone become a better investor. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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Corporate Counsel Jeremy Goldstein Joins the Lawyer Referral and Information Service Bandwagon

Jeremy Goldstein, well-known corporate counsel and partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, offers his services through the much-discussed Lawyer Referral and Information Service or LRIS. It was the New York Bar Association who recently launched LRIS, an online portal, to provide 24 × 7 legal assistance to the people in New York State. It also has an LRIS telephone services, and the new service is expected to provide legal advice at lower costs. The Bar Association collaborated with the online technology service provider,, to create the highly useful platform.



While accessing the web portal, an individual would have an option to fill the confidential form which asks details about the legal issues and their location. A Bar Association executive would look into the issue and forward it to an attorney office which in or near to the individual’s place. There are 17 counties which have locally running attorney referral service, and if the person falls in any of these counties, the Bar Association just forwards the issue to the particular local bar association. While the referrals are free, if the individual wants to meet the attorney in person, there is a nominal fee of $35 for the first 30 minutes. Later, the individual can continue with the attorney or depend on someone else of their choice within the attorney’s standard fees.



Jeremy Goldstein has almost two decades of experience in providing services in various corporate affairs including compensation committees and compensation plan structure for management teams including CEOs. He started his career with Shearman & Sterling LLP as its Associate. Later, Jeremy Goldstein worked with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz as Partner.



Jeremy Goldstein completed his graduation in Art History from Cornell University and continued his Masters in the same subject at The University of Chicago. He secured his Juris Doctor from New York University School of Law.


George Soros’s Wealth Again Supports Philanthropy Efforts and Political Changes

Among billionaires, George Soros, is perhaps one of the most-generous of his time and money. Considering that George has mounted billions of dollars towards many philanthropy efforts, it is clear why he’s believed to be the world’s foremost philanthropist in history. George has a current net worth of over $25 billion, which puts him in the category of being one of the richest person’s in the world.

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930 and lived through some of the worst times in our world’s history, for people of Jewish decent in the 1940’s. However; through those adversities George ascended to build people’s lives, for freedom of expression and equality. George has shown by example that despite obstacles, even seemingly insurmountable, that giving back to the community is healing and powerful.

George began as a philanthropist in 1979 with a scholarship program, for South Africans suffering from apartheid. He pursued funding efforts to end attempts, for stopping students from attending University of Cape Town, in South Africa, and George ultimately became instrumental in the changes which later occurred in the freedom changes. From there, his philanthropy efforts grew to Central and Eastern Europe towards the ending of the cold war. For decades, George has championed many causes such as, supporting independent organizations, including the International Crisis Group and the European Council on Foreign relations. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Throughout the 2016 political season George committed over $5 million towards nonprofit organizations, for supporting, then political nominee Hillary Rodham-Clinton. His efforts though supporting the Voting Rights Trusts further adds to the overwhelming sustenance of contributions George has offered, for bringing necessary changes to the fore-front.

Additionally, George contributed to the funding of American Bridge 21st Century, a political action committee (PAC) that holds the values George identifies with as being progressive and holding politicians accountable. The primary mission of the organization, which George supported with over $2 million during the last two presidential elections, is to progress forward using the political process as a means to hold politicians accountable. George has steadfastly believed in this principle after living through the South African apartheid and the Jewish history he witnessed directly.

The motivation of George Soros and through his funding of such great causes has very much to do with the Hungarian-born native remembering his roots. George has done more, for the American culture than he perhaps has time to even remember and clearly expands opportunities across the world using his wealth.

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George came from humble circumstances uses his greatest humanity efforts to reach the lives of those who suffer. As of February 2017, George became the 19th richest person in the world. A large amount of his wealth is recycled back into the communities, for devoting reinforcement and change, which George has committed the last four decades of his life. Read this story about George at


Hussain Sajwani- The Real Estate Property Guru

Hussain is the CEO and founder of Damac properties. His firm was launched in 2002; it primarily deals with developments of real estates.

Hussain was raised in a humble background in Dubai; Hussain Sajwani family were mere traders. Luckily in 1978, he won a scholarship to study in the USA where he obtained his degree from the University of Washington in economics and industrial engineering. Read more: Meet Our Board | DAMAC Properties

Hussain ’s Work History

In his line of career, he obtained his first job in the department of finance at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. Then two years later Hussain decided enough is enough he resigned. He collaborated with his partner who owns a business firm in the launching a catering enterprise.

Despite the drawbacks like embezzlement of funds by the British company, the catering business continued to get more contracts and developed various branches. After a couple of few years of experiencing high profits, the firm started sinking into losses up to forcing them to constituents living the ones only in UAE.

Hussain Sajwani’s experience between 1996 and 1998 was remarkable to him; he learned a lot after going through a chapter of success and losses in that session he was in Abu Dhabi Industries. With experience garnered from the industry he was now ready to a big risk in his dream to venture into real estate sector.

Hussain established DAMAC in 2002 following the backdrop decree by the Saudi government to allow foreigners to own property in the country. Hussain with his ever thinking mind he went to underdeveloped areas in Saudi Arabia and by short time (six months) he sold his newly built apartment(a 38 story building).

Hussain Sajwani has ever contributed positively in creating and maintaining the image of Dubai as one stop destination for both enjoyment and investment opportunity. DAMAC company currently has its branches in Central Asia, Middle East, Far East and North Africa.

The Relationship of Hussain and Donald Trump

At the helm of his success, the DAMAC owner has had the opportunity to partner with Donald Trump to develop two golf courses in 2013. One of them is The Trump International Gold Course in Dubai that was officially launched in February in 2017.

The other one is The Trump World Golf Course that is yet to be launched in 2018; the legendary Tiger Woods designed the golf course.

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Why No-Poo Shampoo Has People Turning Heads

Products such as dry-shampoo are being made in attempts to wash hair less in order to preserve the hair’s natural oils; fortunately, WEN by Chaz has created a no-poo shampoo that preserves the hair’s natural oils while still allowing you to wash your hair.

The no-poo shampoo that WEN by Chaz created is called a cleansing conditioner. Due to the ingredients in the cleansing conditioner (which do not include sodium laureth sulfate), the cleansing conditioner does not take away the hair’s natural oils. When hair is allowed to keep its natural oils, there are many benefits.

The first benefit is that the hair does not break as easily; this is because the hair is not dry and brittle when it’s coated with its natural oils. Second, the hair has a soft texture and a smooth shine, thanks to the hair oils. Third, the hair will not over-produce oil if it gets to keep the healthy oil.

Benefits also include less money and time spent on the hair. If the cleansing conditioner offers stronger hair, then there is less need to get conditioning treatment products and also less need to get dead ends cut off. Having stronger hair also allows the individual to grow her or his hair longer if desired. With the cleansing conditioner washing and softening hair at the same time, there is also less time required to take care of the hair. Less breakage, money, and time spent on hair are all great benefits worth cheering about!

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Edison Research Teams Up With PodcastOne To Validate Podcasts As An Effectual Advertising Methodology

Traditional advertising methods are a preference to many people due to their proven effectiveness. However, a new breed of advertisement is proving to be much more effectual according to a study conducted by Edison Research in partnership with PodcastOne.

The study had the aim of establishing the notion that podcast advertising has a greater reach in society and motivates more people to purchase the marketed products and services. The researching company conducted a study before advertising the products on PodcastOne to acquire data that they will use in comparison to the post-advertising results.

They used five different products from five brands in the research. Before airing the ads, 7 percent of listeners knew a particular brand’s grocery item by name. The number shot to 60 percent after the podcast.

The same principle applied to financial services whose popularity increased by 47 percent, a lawn product by 24 percent and an automobile product that gained popularity by 37 percent. More listeners could name a casual dining restaurant and a particular brand’s auto product after the study, by 76 percent and 60 percent respectively.

Edison Research executed three different analysis in partnership with PodcastOne in 2016. They mixed well-known brands with less popular products to gauge the effectiveness of the study.

After four to three weeks of airing the podcasts, they repeated a similar analysis on customers’ online to compare the results. These pre and post studies indicated that people were more welcoming to brand’s messages and expressed increased interest in purchasing products.

The vice president of Edison’s strategy team, Tom Webster, stated that the results were proof that podcast advertising is more powerful than traditional ads. According to PR Newswire, PodcastOne’s founder and owner, Norman Pattiz, said that the study validated their advertising methods.

Norman Pattiz started PodcastOne after leaving WestwoodOne as the former consultant. He worked for WestwoodOne since 1974 and joined Broadcast Education Association in 1994 to serve as the chief executive officer.

Currently, Pattiz is the chief executive officer of PodcastOne and serves as council on the boards of several companies such as Lawrence Livermore National Security LLC and Los Alamos’ laboratory ad security corporation.

Apart from WestwoodOne, Norman has previously worked with the University of Southern California, Alhurra Television, Interpacket Networks, Hollywood Radio and Television, Homeland Security and Broadcast Education Association as a chief executive officer. Norman has received various recognitions and awards over the years, including the 2009 indictment into the National Radio Hall of Fame.


When Other Lung Disease Treatments Fail, Stem Cell Therapy May Be The Answer

Advances in stem cell therapy to treat chronic lung conditions mean that individuals with COPD or other lung diseases can obtain treatment in the United States today. The Mayo Clinic and other prestigious institutions are promoting their research into lung recellularization and other regenerative therapies; however, at the Third International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research, it’s clear that stem cell therapy is being performed worldwide. At the congress, Jack Coleman, Jr., M.D. of the Lung Institute, spoke about how slowly new treatments ( are made available to patients in the U.S.

With free consultations offered at the Lung Institute in Tampa, Scottsdale, Nashville, Dallas and Pittsburgh, prospective patients can see if they are eligible for treatment, The Lung Institute offers phone consultations as well. Once a person contacts the Lung Institute, he or she talks to a patient care coordinator who will arrange a consultation. See,

Although stem cell therapy sounds like a major medical procedure, it is actually a minimally invasive technique, which is done on an outpatient basis, explains Stem cells are removed from the patient’s body, and then the stem cells, which have been isolated and concentrated, are introduced back into the patient’s body intravenously. Once in the blood stream the stem cell are captured by the lungs, where they remain to promote healing. After learning about home care and follow-up, the patient can go home.

Testimonials from past Lung Institute indicate that their quality of life increased as their breathing became easier. One woman’s story was especially touching; she no longer needed a walker and her oxygen, so now she can ride her horses once again. User testimonials may also be found in the comments of their official Facebook page