Edison Research Teams Up With PodcastOne To Validate Podcasts As An Effectual Advertising Methodology

Traditional advertising methods are a preference to many people due to their proven effectiveness. However, a new breed of advertisement is proving to be much more effectual according to a study conducted by Edison Research in partnership with PodcastOne.

The study had the aim of establishing the notion that podcast advertising has a greater reach in society and motivates more people to purchase the marketed products and services. The researching company conducted a study before advertising the products on PodcastOne to acquire data that they will use in comparison to the post-advertising results.

They used five different products from five brands in the research. Before airing the ads, 7 percent of listeners knew a particular brand’s grocery item by name. The number shot to 60 percent after the podcast.

The same principle applied to financial services whose popularity increased by 47 percent, a lawn product by 24 percent and an automobile product that gained popularity by 37 percent. More listeners could name a casual dining restaurant and a particular brand’s auto product after the study, by 76 percent and 60 percent respectively.

Edison Research executed three different analysis in partnership with PodcastOne in 2016. They mixed well-known brands with less popular products to gauge the effectiveness of the study.

After four to three weeks of airing the podcasts, they repeated a similar analysis on customers’ online to compare the results. These pre and post studies indicated that people were more welcoming to brand’s messages and expressed increased interest in purchasing products.

The vice president of Edison’s strategy team, Tom Webster, stated that the results were proof that podcast advertising is more powerful than traditional ads. According to PR Newswire, PodcastOne’s founder and owner, Norman Pattiz, said that the study validated their advertising methods.

Norman Pattiz started PodcastOne after leaving WestwoodOne as the former consultant. He worked for WestwoodOne since 1974 and joined Broadcast Education Association in 1994 to serve as the chief executive officer.

Currently, Pattiz is the chief executive officer of PodcastOne and serves as council on the boards of several companies such as Lawrence Livermore National Security LLC and Los Alamos’ laboratory ad security corporation.

Apart from WestwoodOne, Norman has previously worked with the University of Southern California, Alhurra Television, Interpacket Networks, Hollywood Radio and Television, Homeland Security and Broadcast Education Association as a chief executive officer. Norman has received various recognitions and awards over the years, including the 2009 indictment into the National Radio Hall of Fame.


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