Orange Coast College Gets New Planetarium

In a recent announcement, a new planetarium will be constructed on the campus of Orange Coast College. This new planetarium will be available for a number of residents, tourists and students to further enlighten themselves about astronomy. One of the key features of the new planetarium is the installation of a new device that will enable visitors to see how the Earth rotates. This device will be put into the planetarium thanks to a $1 million donation made by a former professor. Similar to a number of other educational institutions, Orange Coast College will now have an on campus facility that will be available to help a number of people expand their education on a regular basis.


Orange Coast College is a two year community junior college located in Costa Mesa, California. It is one of the top community colleges in Orange County due to its educational programs, facilities and student activities. Anyone who is looking to start their postsecondary education or continue it will benefit by attending this particular college. It has a number of certification and associate degree programs that will enable many individuals to attain knowledge in fields that are in demand. Students can study a number of things such as dental hygiene, business administration, accounting, computer information systems and also majors in the healthcare field. Anyone who is looking to receive education in these fields can do so by attending lectures on campus or by studying online.


Along with being able to study a number of fields, students who attend Orange Coast College will also have the opportunity to participate in a number of student activities. They will be in position to participate in sports and various clubs. This will allow them to put together a track record of extracurricular activities which will help enhance their overall experience at the college. They will also have the opportunity to visit a number of facilities such as the new planetarium that can enhance their educational development. With a number of quality majors, student activities and educational facilities, Orange Coast College is one educational institution that students should consider when looking to further their education and start a career.


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