How Do You Invest In Brazil? Igor Cornelsen Can Tell You

Is investing in a foreign country a good idea? If you know where to go and what your investment objective is, then yes you should consider it. One of the top countries to consider is Brazil, the country where former investment banker and now retired consultant Igor Cornelsen is from. Cornelsen spends a lot of his time kicking back at his vacation home in Florida, but he still will write blogs or offer small bits of information from time to time.

He primarily wants investors to understand the strategy of investing over the course of many years and being in it for the long haul. But Cornelsen also has explained why people should invest in Brazil, and that’s what one of his latest interviews on PRNewswire sums up.

Igor Cornelsen says there are a few roadblocks to look out for if you’re going to invest in Brazil because after former President Dilma Roussef was dismissed from office, regulators had to make deep changes to securities exchange laws.

But even in the midst of economic downturn, Brazil is still ripe for investing because their economy is so diverse and they are constantly exporting goods. The banks are by far the biggest areas to be familiar with when you look into Brazil. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: and

Cornelsen says your first step in beginning investing in Brazil is getting to know all the banks by name, and there are 10 big banks that control much of the exchange in investments. It’s critical to know which banks in Brazil specialize in foreign exchange trading.

Second, Igor Cornelsen says investors should look at what current finance minister Joaquim Levy is advocating for in economic policy because the Brazilian real has been overvalued and Cornelsen believes it needs to ease back down to a better value and keep Brazil’s economy from struggling with inflation.

And finally Cornelsen says investors should look at China because they are one of Brazil’s key competitors as well as trade partners.


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