Side Effects of Electronic Cigarettes as Published on Oncotarget

The University of Rochester Medical Center has done a research that revealed e-cigarettes have ability damage teeth and gums, same as a conventional cigarettes. Irfan Rahman, a professor at UR School of Medicine and Dentistry led the study which is the first of kind to focus on electronic cigarettes and their side effects to the users. Today, e-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular because it is considered to be safer option to traditional cigarettes.

In the past, health specialists believed that some chemical elements in cigarette smoke were the main cause of a variety of health complications, but after extensive research and study, the results have revealed otherwise. Professor Rahman noted that vapors inhaled from e-cigarettes release substances that accelerate stress within cells, which could later lead to different oral sicknesses. He further added that the extent in which gums and cavity are damaged largely depends on how often a person is smoking e-cigarettes. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

According to scientists, the flavoring chemicals in e-cigarettes are capable of damaging cells found inside the mouth. Rahman believe that additional extensive studies should be conducted to help people understand the side effects of electronic cigarettes. He encourages manufacturers of these products to disclose different chemicals and materials used in order to help consumers understand the dangers they are exposed to when using e-cigarettes. This study was sponsored by National Institute of Health and published on Oncotarget.

About Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a global journal publishing general and detailed information relating to cancers. The journal provides information about therapy and treatment procedure used in order to improve and manage the health of cancer patients. Oncotarget provides information about the effects of management programs employed by medical experts to contain the disease. It also focuses on new therapeutic procedures that are being discovered by scientist. Oncotarget explores evidence placed by medical specialists to support existing and new therapies that give more effective results. In addition, the journal aims to understand how these therapies are used, and their acceptance by healthcare professionals as well as the patients. Oncotarget has played critical role of informing and educating health practitioners, patients, and general public about various causes of cancer and various preventive measures that can be applied. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.


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