When Other Lung Disease Treatments Fail, Stem Cell Therapy May Be The Answer

Advances in stem cell therapy to treat chronic lung conditions mean that individuals with COPD or other lung diseases can obtain treatment in the United States today. The Mayo Clinic and other prestigious institutions are promoting their research into lung recellularization and other regenerative therapies; however, at the Third International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research, it’s clear that stem cell therapy is being performed worldwide. At the congress, Jack Coleman, Jr., M.D. of the Lung Institute, spoke about how slowly new treatments (https://lunginstitute.com/treatment/) are made available to patients in the U.S.

With free consultations offered at the Lung Institute in Tampa, Scottsdale, Nashville, Dallas and Pittsburgh, prospective patients can see if they are eligible for treatment, The Lung Institute offers phone consultations as well. Once a person contacts the Lung Institute, he or she talks to a patient care coordinator who will arrange a consultation. See, https://lunginstitute.com/.

Although stem cell therapy sounds like a major medical procedure, it is actually a minimally invasive technique, which is done on an outpatient basis, explains hawaiinewsnow.com. Stem cells are removed from the patient’s body, and then the stem cells, which have been isolated and concentrated, are introduced back into the patient’s body intravenously. Once in the blood stream the stem cell are captured by the lungs, where they remain to promote healing. After learning about home care and follow-up, the patient can go home.

Testimonials from past Lung Institute indicate that their quality of life increased as their breathing became easier. One woman’s story was especially touching; she no longer needed a walker and her oxygen, so now she can ride her horses once again. User testimonials may also be found in the comments of their official Facebook page