Why No-Poo Shampoo Has People Turning Heads

Products such as dry-shampoo are being made in attempts to wash hair less in order to preserve the hair’s natural oils; fortunately, WEN by Chaz has created a no-poo shampoo that preserves the hair’s natural oils while still allowing you to wash your hair.

The no-poo shampoo that WEN by Chaz created is called a cleansing conditioner. Due to the ingredients in the cleansing conditioner (which do not include sodium laureth sulfate), the cleansing conditioner does not take away the hair’s natural oils. When hair is allowed to keep its natural oils, there are many benefits.

The first benefit is that the hair does not break as easily; this is because the hair is not dry and brittle when it’s coated with its natural oils. Second, the hair has a soft texture and a smooth shine, thanks to the hair oils. Third, the hair will not over-produce oil if it gets to keep the healthy oil.

Benefits also include less money and time spent on the hair. If the cleansing conditioner offers stronger hair, then there is less need to get conditioning treatment products and also less need to get dead ends cut off. Having stronger hair also allows the individual to grow her or his hair longer if desired. With the cleansing conditioner washing and softening hair at the same time, there is also less time required to take care of the hair. Less breakage, money, and time spent on hair are all great benefits worth cheering about!

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