Betsy DeVos Brings About A Change In The Education Community

I have been aware of the work of Betsy DeVos for around 30 years, ever since she took her first tentative steps into the world of education reform that has pushed the Holland, Michigan born former Chair of the State Republican Party into the spotlight as the U.S. Secretary of Education. Mrs. DeVos first came to my attention over 30 years ago when she was one of the first wealthy financial donors to step forward and become a leader of what those of us who were involved with education reform at the time saw as a minority in terms of political opinion; however, I was always pleased with the understanding of politics Betsy DeVos has shown over the course of her life and is said to have begun during her time studying at Calvin College. Read more about her philanthropy at

Betsy DeVos has been a major success in almost every aspect of her life from the outset and I believe has shown her ability to adapt to different environments by taking on role with nonprofit groups, the Michigan Board of Education, and as a business leader. In 1989, Betsy DeVos worked with her husband, Dick, the former AmWay group President, to create The Windquest group; the success of The Windquest Group has recently been seen with the company being a major part of the work of the couple as they have invested in various different startup companies in the Grand rapids, Michigan area they call home and beyond. The Windquest group is also responsible for the management of a number of the groups developed by Betsy DeVos, including the West Michigan Aviation Academy that has been developed to provide a charter school experience providing an education aimed at developing new members of the aviation industry from an early age.

The newly installed Secretary of Education has always had an interest in education and politics, a combination I feel is impressive as they have prepared for the role that will define how Mrs. DeVos is viewed in the future. As a two time Chair of the Michigan Republican Party and a former choice of President George W. Bush for a role on the Board of the Kennedy Center for the Arts I feel the mother of four is more than prepared for her role in the President’s Administration; I also believe her work as an advocate for children in Michigan public schools shows the care and support the Secretary of Education has developed for children all over the U.S. This care for all has been shown, in my opinion, in the fact Mrs. Betsy DeVos has been willing to provide funding for campaigns to make sure all students are given access to school choice and school voucher systems no matter where they live in the U.S.

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George Soros’s Wealth Again Supports Philanthropy Efforts and Political Changes

Among billionaires, George Soros, is perhaps one of the most-generous of his time and money. Considering that George has mounted billions of dollars towards many philanthropy efforts, it is clear why he’s believed to be the world’s foremost philanthropist in history. George has a current net worth of over $25 billion, which puts him in the category of being one of the richest person’s in the world.

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930 and lived through some of the worst times in our world’s history, for people of Jewish decent in the 1940’s. However; through those adversities George ascended to build people’s lives, for freedom of expression and equality. George has shown by example that despite obstacles, even seemingly insurmountable, that giving back to the community is healing and powerful.

George began as a philanthropist in 1979 with a scholarship program, for South Africans suffering from apartheid. He pursued funding efforts to end attempts, for stopping students from attending University of Cape Town, in South Africa, and George ultimately became instrumental in the changes which later occurred in the freedom changes. From there, his philanthropy efforts grew to Central and Eastern Europe towards the ending of the cold war. For decades, George has championed many causes such as, supporting independent organizations, including the International Crisis Group and the European Council on Foreign relations. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Throughout the 2016 political season George committed over $5 million towards nonprofit organizations, for supporting, then political nominee Hillary Rodham-Clinton. His efforts though supporting the Voting Rights Trusts further adds to the overwhelming sustenance of contributions George has offered, for bringing necessary changes to the fore-front.

Additionally, George contributed to the funding of American Bridge 21st Century, a political action committee (PAC) that holds the values George identifies with as being progressive and holding politicians accountable. The primary mission of the organization, which George supported with over $2 million during the last two presidential elections, is to progress forward using the political process as a means to hold politicians accountable. George has steadfastly believed in this principle after living through the South African apartheid and the Jewish history he witnessed directly.

The motivation of George Soros and through his funding of such great causes has very much to do with the Hungarian-born native remembering his roots. George has done more, for the American culture than he perhaps has time to even remember and clearly expands opportunities across the world using his wealth.

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George came from humble circumstances uses his greatest humanity efforts to reach the lives of those who suffer. As of February 2017, George became the 19th richest person in the world. A large amount of his wealth is recycled back into the communities, for devoting reinforcement and change, which George has committed the last four decades of his life. Read this story about George at


End Citizens United On Track to Push for Campaign Finance Reforms

End Citizens United is a newly established Political Action Committee with a specific mission of agitating for campaign finance reforms in the U.S. It plans to be a big player in the 2016 elections by funneling large amounts of money to Democratic candidates who are vying for House and Senate seats nationwide.


The group was established in March 2015 and raised $2 million from small donations in under one month. Its communications director, Richard Carbo, said that it was on track to raise between $25 million and $30 million. Ultimately, its end goal is passing a constitutional amendment that will reverse a 2010 Citizens United ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, which led to the formation of super PACs that raised and donated large amounts of dark money into the U.S. political scene. These PACs channel millions of dollars aimed at buying elections.


How the End Citizens United Plans to Reverse the Supreme Court Ruling


End Citizens United has already collected at least 325,000 signatures from people demanding that Congress passes the amendment to end the Citizens United decision. Furthermore, it has entered a partnership with “Ready for Hillary.” The PAC has agreed to rent End Citizens United its email lists with over 4 million subscribers.


End Citizens United has already endorsed 11 Democratic candidates who it hopes will push for reforms regarding the disastrous ruling once elected into office. By backing people sympathetic to its causes, the PAC has set itself apart from other PACs. Plans are underway to establish an expenditure arm that will act autonomously to financially back candidates through several initiatives including polling, television ads, and direct mailers.


Expert Opinions on Proposed Amendments


Campaign finance experts have expressed their reservations and criticism against the PAC’s proposed constitutional amendments. This is because no constitutional amendment has taken place since 1992. Furthermore, an amendment requires a two-thirds consent from both the Senate and House of Representatives on top of ratification from at least three-fourths of states.


Sunlight Foundations’ policy director, John Wonderlich, said that passing a constitutional amendment was an uphill battle because Washington has become quite partisan lately. Law professor, Rick Hasen, stated that even if the group raised over $100 million, and had sympathetic members in both houses, getting an amendment passed was still a pipe dream.


End Citizens United


The End Citizens United Political Action Committee was established to counter the devastating effects caused by the U.S. Supreme Courts’ ruling dubbed Citizens United. The decision opened campaign financing floodgates, which allowed the funneling of massive amounts of dark money through the country’s political and campaign systems.


The PAC plans to achieve its mission by electing pro-reform candidates, raising a national priority awareness, and using the power of grassroots membership to push for reforms. It supports Democratic Party candidates since Congress Republicans leaders oppose the proposed campaign finance reforms.